We offer all our clients free legal advice at the outset of a claim so that we can understand your case and advise you on how best to proceed. You will want to know how your case will be funded and what it will cost you.

In the vast majority of cases our clients work with us under a No Win No Fee arrangement also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. Under these arrangements if you lose your case you will not have to pay our fees and we will not ask you for any money for legal fees upfront.

There are different types of No Win No Fee Agreement and we will take the time to run through the agreement with you so that you understand what is involved.

However No Win No Fee agreements are not suitable for all types of litigation. We can offer alternative types of arrangements such as fixed fees and hourly rates. In addition you may have Legal Expenses Insurance which will help fund your case. This type of insurance sometimes comes as part of a package involving a bank account or as a bolt on to your household or motor insurance.

Please contact us for further information on either 0161 413 9081/82 for Insurance Disputes or 0161 413 9083 for accident claims and credit hire recovery or fill out the contact form.

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